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Erik Paulson Atlanta

The Fong Academy Combat Submission Wrestling / Mixed Martial Arts Program (CSW) teaches a reformulated shoot wrestling curriculum founded by Erik Paulson, former world light heavyweight shooto champion. The curriculum is a three dimensional martial art form that involves striking, takedowns, and submissions.

It’s a blend of grappling techniques and concepts from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai & Lethwei Kickboxing, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling, with techniques and submissions from shoot wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and Catchascatchcan, as well as striking from French Savate, and Western Kickboxing. CSW has produced champions in both Pride and the UFC. Many of today's top level MMA fighters train in CSW including Sean Sherk, Josh Barnett and Ken Shamrock.

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The focus of the Fong Academy Combat Submission Wrestling Program is to master basic techniques and drills, and have the ability to flow from position to position, escape each position and have both upper body and lower body submissions. Students develop through a progression of flow drills, techniques and unique training methods to build a strong and competitive MMA and Submission Wrestling game.

Get in the best shape of your life!

Our program is one of the most complete mixed martial arts programs anywhere. Taught in a safe, high energy training environment, it gives you one of the best and most effective workouts available. Mixed Martial Arts is loads of fun and will get you in the best shape of your life. Mixed Martial Artists are some of the most fit athletes in the world.

The STX (Savate-Thai Cross Training) Program is a hybrid striking system developed by Erik Paulson which focuses on explosive techniques in Boxing, Panatukan, Jun Fan/JKD Kickboxing, Savate, and MuayThai (Thai & Dutch methods).  In STX Kickboxing, students will learn a blend of elbows, punches and knees from each art.  These skills are easily translated in MMA, kickboxing, and self-defense situations.  From glove drills, focus mitts, Thai-pads, to sparring, students will have a variety of striking options.

From Savate, STX draws its footwork and evasiveness. Savate is known for being highly mobile and constantly moving which makes you harder to hit and allows you to attack at angles. STX also capitalizes on Savate's many fakes and setups so that the opponent is constantly guessing as to which attack is real and what is just a misleading fake. Following the misleading attacks is a system of extremely fluid combinations that help to allow the fighter to land more hits than the opponent while moving in and out of range at good angles. On defense, STX draws from some of the unique defense and counter techniques that help to keep your opponent out of his game and help you to set up your shots more like a chess match. Savate is also a much longer range kicking method. 

This is the sparring-based class. Student must understand all the basic required techniques before attending.

INSTRUCTOR: Coach Kevin Lee

ATTIRE: Regular Academy Uniform

REQUIRE GEAR: Head Gear, Mouth Piece, Boxing Gloves, Shin-Guards and Groin protector (male only)

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Erik Paulson CSW
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