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"SiFu Francis Fong is without a doubt one of the most talented and mutidimensional martial artists teaching today.

I have known SiFu Francis for over 35 years. He is constantly researching and growing in skill and knowledge. His creativity and ability to adapt his teaching to suit the needs of his students is a rare gift.

His accomplishments and achievements are many, and I stand in awe of his martial
art and healing skills. But equally, or perhaps more importantly, SiFu Francis Fong is a great human being. His humility, kindness and loyalty to his students, friends and all who have a genuine interest in the arts is boundless. I consider myself very lucky to be his friend."

Dan Inosanto

Founder / Head Instructor
Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts
Marina Del Rey, California


"The Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy has done an excellent job promoting and teaching the martial art of Muay Thai. The academy has very disciplined, knowledgeable, and experienced instructors who dedicate themselves to the advancement and growth of their students. I highly recommend the Francis Fong Academy to anyone who is interested in learning Muay Thai."

Ajarn Chai Sirisute
Founder / Head Instructor
The Muay Thai Association U.S.A.

“Being a long time student of Guro Dan Inosanto, when I'm looking for a new instructor, I search out the highest quality instructors I can find. In a nutshell, Sifu Francis is consistently mind-blowing!

His understanding of trapping, solid stance, and energy, while always keeping his mindset firmly on the importance of center line are unparalleled in my opinion. He is full of examples from the wooden man and the Wing Chun forms in explaining his curriculum and practical application of Wing Chun as a training method for combat as well as a means for self improvement. Plus, he is well versed in a variety of other martial arts and is therefore able to apply Wing Chun to all three ranges of combat: striking, grappling, and weaponry, making his instruction as accessible to a submission wrestler or kickboxer or stick fighter. Sifu Francis is one of a very rare breed. We have all met the occasional person who can fight AND teach. That is a rare enough individual, but Sifu Francis is also an incredible healer! I've experienced his abilities for myself on a number of occasions and his healing powers have always been as jaw dropping as his trapping!

I HIGHLY value my time with Sifu Francis. I look forward to his camps in Atlanta as well as his time here with us in L.A. at the Legends Seminar every summer, and can't put a value on his instruction other than VERY!"

John Spezzano

"Sifu Francis Fong has not only evolved Wing Chun to the next level making the art more effective in today's society, his charismatic and energetic personality make it an enjoyable learning experience."

Sifu Luigi O. Cuellar, NYC
Director, NuBreed Martial Arts


"I'm very thankful for the training I've had with Sifu Francis Fong. His lessons have inspired me to become a better martial artist as well as a better human being. For this I will be forever grateful."
Sifu Alex Chan - NYC

Owner/General Manager NuBreed Martial Arts



"Sifu Fong's mastery of his subject shows in his ability to relate its principles to a broad array of situations--both within a martial context and beyond. After more than sixteen years of training under his guidance, I continue to be impressed by him as a technician, a teacher, and a person."
Milan Vigil, Memphis, TN

Wing Chun, Muay Thai, and Taijiquan instructor at Rhodes College


"My name is Jim Byrom. I work as a Systems Engineer for Delta Technology. I have been in and out of Martial Arts since I was about 7 years old. Most of it was either via seminars or informal training with friends. I have been exposed to a lot of different martial arts, instructors, and teaching methodologies in that time.

To be candid, very few people believe me when I talk about this school or Sifu. Most of them look at me like I am a bit crazy! The only ones who seem understand are those that have taken instruction from Sifu Fong before or from one of the few other instructors that teach in his caliber.
As an instructor, Sifu is one of a very few people in the world that have the total package. He is an amazing martial artist, very talented, and very well trained. On top of that, he is an exciting and engaging instructor, able to break down huge concepts into easily learned and understood bites. He is able to create a sense of joviality and fun in a classroom without detracting from the seriousness of trying to learn something that could literally save your life.  Or, detracting from the respect for self, classmates, and school that are required to maintain the discipline necessary to stick with a program for the long haul.
What's more, he has had shown both great luck and great wisdom in the selection of the instructors that he associates with and that work under him in his organizations. Sifu's personality permeates the culture of the school and those he instructs. There is a positivity that infuses every class, every seminar, and every practice session. You can always tell that you are walking into a school that is associated with him!
In short, it is a great honor to train at the Francis Fong Academy. I have never been to a single class, seminar, or workshop that I left feeling I did not receive more from than what I put in. The training has not only left me a better martial artist, it has also left me with a better understanding of myself and my abilities.
I recommend the school to everyone I know. It is a unique and rewarding experience."
Thank you again,

Jim Byrom

​"It is very difficult for me to write this, because the experience working with Sifu is beyond words! And the people at the Francis Fong Academy really make you feel like you are at your own school if not your own home!

This wonderful atmosphere extends to the students also, who if they do not know you, come over and introduce themselves! I found this to be a great and rare trait of the Francis Fong Academy. And you can see that this atmosphere of friendliness comes straight from Sifu Francis Fong himself, who makes any class to be fun and exciting because of his wonderful attitude and approach, not to mention his extensive knowledge of the martial arts! And unlike some academies, I also found the staff of the Academy to be very friendly and just a real pleasure to deal with.
All in all, I would say that my learning experience at the Francis Fong Academy was amazing in the all material that Sifu Fong taught us, the way he taught us, his wonderful approach, the friendly and well organized staff and students, and overall, would say that training at the Academy is well worth it!"
Xiang Jing Yao



"It is with the greatest honor that I have had the opportunity to train with and be associated with Sifu Francis Fong for the past 18 years. Sifu Fong's insight and experience in Wing Chun is absolutely astounding. In all of my 35 years in the martial arts, I say without reservation that Francis Fong is one of the finest teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sifu's strength and skill are phenomenal, yet he is one of the most compassionate and friendly individuals I have ever met as well. He has influenced my development as a martial artist beyond what I could ever convey in words.

I would recommend training with Sifu Francis Fong whenever possible, it will be one of the best time investments you have ever made in your life.
Kevin Seaman
Department of Athletics and Physical Education
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

"I have been associated with Sifu Francis Fong since 1986. When I first got to the Academy I weighed 110 and could do a whopping 3 push ups! Luckily, for me I had won the martial arts lotto by stepping in the door and Sifu and his students encouraged progress rather than focussing on my limitations.

I continue to look forward to each chance I get to train at the school. The basics have remained the same as they were in 1986, hard work, respect, honesty and Sifu Fong's ability to show each of us our potential.
The magic of being in a class with Sifu Fong is that even though his technique is explosive and beautiful it is his control of the person that must be appreciated. Sifu doesn't just teach martial arts. He asks you to learn your own body and its potential. Once those are understood technique is created, not simply copied. If you know yourself and understand the principles of movement and combat then technique is unlimited.
This teaching style coupled with Sifu's extraordinary personality and the excellence of the staff at the Academy are the reasons I have continued to drive from Macon to Atlanta over the past nearly 25 years."

Dan Mills 


"Training with Sifu Francis has been a life changing experience. As far as martial arts is concerned, his knowledge is without end and his skill is unparalleled. There are teachers who have knowledge but lack the physical ability. There are also those that have some physical ability but cannot relay the knowledge to the student. Sifu Francis has the rare combination of both.....vast, unending knowledge and mind blowing, indescribable speed and power. Combine that with a truly genuine, loving, compassionate heart and you know why Sifu Francis is so very unique and special.
I am so very blessed to have spent the time I have spent with him learning the arts and learning about myself and I look forward to years of continued growth with him as a martial artist and as a person.

I highly recommend anyone that is even remotely interested in martial arts to just attend one class. One class, that is all it takes and you will be hooked. The whole environment at his academy is so positive and the enthusiasm is infectious."

Dr. Dani Talamantez
McAllen, TX.

​"I want to recommend the Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy to anyone who wishes to learn martial arts. Sifu Fong is my instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is my opinion, with may others, that he si the best and fastest Wing Chun Master in the world!
I have been training with Sifu Fong for almost 30 years. He is a great person and martial artist. His school has a great reputation as being run professionally by a great team of highly trained martial artists. You can learn many stand up fighting arts, weapons, and his most effective ground fighting which is almost undefeated.
I have visited many karate, boxing and martial arts schools and academies throughout the United States and Sifu Fong's Academy is simply one of the best in the United States. Just so you know that I know a great school and instructor when I see one, I began taking lessons at the age of 12 and some of my background is: Chi-Do-Kwon (Black belt), Shorinji Tetsuken-Do (Black belt), Kuniba-Ha Shito Ryu (Black belt), Shorinji Kenpo-Karate-Do, Judo, Kanda-Ha Kamishin Ryu, Iaido, Kubudo, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Go Shin-Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Kali, Jun-Fan Gung Fu, Silat and JKD. I am a certified instructor under Sifu Fong, Guro Dan Inosanto and Ajarn Chai Sirisute.
If you live in Atlanta, Georgia area, your best school is Francis Fong Academy. I drive 300 miles, one way, many times per year for lessons in Atlanta under Sifu Fong's instruction!
Rick McElroy
McElroy's Martial Arts
Hilton Head, SC

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