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Frequently Asked Questions -

Train with the Masters

What is TWTM?

Train with the Masters is a special 3-day seminar held at the Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy offering training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jun Fan Gung Fu, the Art and Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, Maphilindo Silat, the Filipino Martial Arts, and Muay Thai.


How often is it held?

It is held twice a year - spring and fall. 


Who are the instructors? 

Sifu Francis Fong, Guro Dan Inosanto and Ajarn Chai Sirisute


Do we have to wear a uniform? 
It is not required to wear a uniform. We do encourage you to wear your uniform from your respective Academy.  However, any type of loose and comfortable-fitting workout attire is fine. 

Should I bring any equipment for the seminar?

We do recommend that you bring your own equipment, because there will not be equipment available to borrow.  We recommend that you bring the following equipment for each session:

Wing Chun:  No equipment needed

Jun Fan/Filipino Martial Arts:  Bag Gloves, Focus Mitts, Kali Sticks (2), Goggles (for eye protection), Training Daggers

Muay Thai: Bag Gloves, Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, Shin Guards


Can we bring items for the Masters to autograph?

Yes, the instructors will sign autographs AFTER each seminar session has ended.  We ask that you use consideration for the amount of items you bring and that you only approach them to sign when it is the appropriate time.  Please also be considerate of other students wishing to meet and greet them.

Sifu Francis has the Masters Magazine issue which he is featured in (with the accompanying DVD) available for purchase through the Academy office, and he will be happy to personalize it for you.  (Note:  this issue is no longer in print.)  Current students may also purchase these (and other items) any time at the Academy. 

Guro Dan Inosanto usually brings various pictures with him for purchase, along with merchandise from the Inosanto Pro Shop. 

Will merchandise be available for purchase? 

Yes, FFMAA has just expanded its inventory line!  In addition, Special Limited Edition TWTM t-shirts will be available!  

Guro Dan Inosanto will bring Inosanto Academy merchandise, which will be set up for purchase during and immediately after his sessions.  These may be purchased from Joel Clark, of the Inosanto Academy staff.

Can I film or take pictures?

No!  ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEO RECORDING, AUDIO RECORDING or taking pictures is allowed DURING ANY SEMINAR TRAINING SESSION!  You may bring a camera to take photos with the instructors or other students AFTER each training session has ended or at the end of the entire conference. NOTE: Guro Dan Inosanto will NOT be available for any photos. Please be respectful of this policy, or a staff member will hold your camera/phone at the front office until the session has ended.  The only person filming or taking photos during the conference will be the Inosanto/Fong Academy staff. 

Can I take notes? 

Yes, you may take notes for personal use only.

Can anyone come regardless of experience? 

Yes - people travel from all over the U.S. and world to attend these Conferences - men and women with a range of experience levels!  You can be entirely new to the martial arts arena or train in a different style elsewhere. 

Can children participate?  

Yes, but it would depend on each case. Usually, we only have a handful of children attending the seminar.  However, most are at least 13 years of age (although, some younger have attended).  PLEASE NOTE: all of the seminar sessions require participants to work with a partner.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you either attend the seminar as well, to partner with your child, or arrange for a suitable partner ahead of time.  This will ensure that your child has a positive experience.  Please contact FFMAA if you have any questions about whether the seminar would be appropriate for your child.

Do I have to attend all of the sessions of the seminar? 

No, you can take portions/styles that you prefer, or you can attend the entire seminar.  Please see the registration form for a breakdown of hours and prices. 

Can I come to just watch? 

Observers MUST pay the training price for the sessions that they observe - this is a "paid-for-only" event.    

Are there any recommended hotels nearby?  Do you have special rates with them? 

There are two hotels close to our Academy that we recommend, and we also have a special Francis Fong Academy group rate: 

Hyatt Place Atlanta/Johns Creek: 1505 Medlock Bridge Road, Duluth, GA 30097
(770) 622-5858

Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta/Johns Creek:  11695 Medlock Bridge Road, Duluth, GA, 30097
(770) 476-1966


We recommend that you reserve your rooms well in advance, because the hotels often sell out on the weekends.  

Are there any special discounts? 

Yes - if you preregister, you save more, AND you reserve a spot!  We anticipate this seminar to sell out.  

Does this seminar count towards certified training? 

Yes, every attendee will receive a certificate of official, certified hours of completion in designated areas.

Should I eat before training? 

We do not encourage you to train on an empty stomach.  Most students eat at least one hour prior to any event.  Please be sure to drink plenty of water while training.  Water fountains are located in the Academy, but you can bring bottled water with you if you prefer. 

Is there anything else I need to know? 


Please bow upon entering the training mat.  Also, please address the instructors by their proper titles (Sifu, Guro, Ajarn or Coach), and be respectful and courteous of all other students.  

No shoes of any kind are permitted on the FFMAA training mats.  

Please ask an FFMAA office team member if you have any questions. 


Have a great time and enjoy your training!

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